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Available Feed and Products

All feed and grains are sold in 50lb bags unless otherwise specified and in bulk super sacks starting at 1000 lbs. Supplement/support products are 50lb bags unless otherwise specified. 



Chick Starter (20% protein)

Chicken Broiler (20% protein)

Premium Chicken Broiler (20% protein)

Game Bird Broiler (23% protein with added Fish Meal)

Chicken Layer (16% protein)

Premium Chicken Layer (16% protein)

Hog Grower/Breed Stock (15% protein)

Swine Starter/Show (18% protein) 

Dairy Goat Feed

Sheep Feed

Alfalfa Pellets

Timothy Pellets 

Triticale (whole seed)

Barley (whole seed)

Oats (whole)

Peas (Mix of whole, splits and chips) 

Scratch (whole grains ½ barley & ½ triticale)

Custom Scratch (Triticale, Barley, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds)


Redmond Salt 10 fine

Redmond Salt with Selenium 90

Redmond Salt with Garlic

Redmond Extra Fortified Salt

Redmond Beef Mineral Salt

Redmond Goat Mineral Salt (25#)

Redmond Conditioner

Redmond Bison Salt

Redmond Natural Salt Block (44#)

Redmond Trace Mineral Salt Block (44#)

Redmond Selenium 90 Salt Block (44#)

Redmond Salt with Garlic Block (44#)

Redmond Extra Fortified Block (44#)


Organic Fish Meal

Beef Nutribalancer

Dairy #1 Nutribalancer

Dairy #3 Nutribalancer

Goat Nutribalancer

Sheep Nutribalancer

Swine Nutribalancer (60lb)

Poultry Nutribalancer (60lb)


Thorvin North Atlantic Organic Kelp

Brewers Yeast

Diamond V XP Yeast

Camelina Oil

Camelina Meal

Canola Meal

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds 

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Organic

DiCalcium Phosphate

Grit #1 - Chick Size

Grit #2 - Grower Size

Grit #3 - Layer Size

Grit #4 - Turkey Size

Limestone Calcium Carbonate (powdered)

Microna Calcium (limestone product, coarse)

Pacific Pearl Oyster Shell

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

Wolfkill Chelated Mineral Mix for Goats

Wolfkill Swine Base (vitamin/mineral premix for 1 ton of feed)

Wolfkill Poultry Base (vitamin/mineral premix for 1 ton of feed)

Wolfkill Northwest Beef Mix

Feed Grade Sulfur (granulated)

Sulfur Prill (not feed grade)


Super Sack Tote Bag - 3 sizes as follows:

35x35x35 - holds up to 1000lbs

35x35x50 - holds up to 1500lbs

40x46x50 - holds up to 2400lbs

1 Gallon Jug with lid

55 Gallon Plastic Drum with ring clamp lid (currently unavailable)

55 Gallon Metal Drum with ring clamp lid (currently unavailable)

50# poly feed sack 

We can special order a wide variety of items, so if you don't see what you are looking for please contact us to see if we can order it for you. For more product information please call or text 509-720-7064 or email

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