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Pig Feed

We offer two varieties of feed for pigs because they do best with feeds designed for specific times and ages.

As with all of our feeds, both of our pig feed options begin with Non-GMO whole grains, legumes, and seeds and end with a perfectly balanced vitamin and mineral supplement.

Swine Starter, which has 18% highly digestible all natural protein, is excellent as a

  • starter feed for weaner pigs as it gives them a great boost on which to build.

  • full-time feed for fair hogs.

Grand Champions have been raised on our Swine feed for county fairs around our local area. The Swine Feed contains a Fertrell's vitamin/mineral premix.

Hog Feed, which has 15% highly digestible all natural protein, is excellent feed

  • for butcher hogs after 4-6 weeks on the Swine Feed.

  • for nursing sows.

  • for breed stock


  • ALL animals need a constant, abundant supply of fresh, clean water.

  • DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP due to added copper in the vitamin/mineral supplement.

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