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Our Story

Natural Farm Feed:  The Fischer Family Story

In 2009, the Fischer’s purchased the startup location for Natural Farm Feed. In 2011, Natural Farm Feed was born featuring a feed line with no byproducts of any kind. Here at Natural Farm Feed, all our products are made from the best materials available because quality feed for our animals is as important to us as quality food for our families. For that reason, we developed our own recipes based on solid research in animal nutrition.

The theory and motivation behind our feed is that we need to feed our animals like we feed ourselves: non-GMO whole grains, legumes, and seeds from local farmers.  Appropriate vitamins and minerals are added for each variety of animal to ensure complete nutrition and consistent, healthy growth and development.   

​Richard Fischer grew up in the Spokane area and worked tirelessly from the age of 18 to build a company that he and his family could be proud of. He started out many years ago raising laying hens for sale. After extensive research into best practices and the current scientific knowledge surrounding animal nutrition, Richard started research and development of his own feed line because what he found on the market simply didn’t make the grade.  He was shocked to discover that it contained the same wheat byproducts as the cat litter used by his grandmother. The available feed products in the area at the time were not only poor quality but were also too cost-prohibitive to be able to offer people a real chance at purchasing animals for their family. Before long, the demand for feed had outgrown the demand for hens, and Richard switched his attention to making feed full time.

Early customers of Natural Farm Feed were delighted to see egg production go up, meat birds growing stronger and healthier (with a substantially reduced rate of mortality), and pigs reaching market weight as much as a full month earlier than previous litters.  These comments have continued to this day. Our customers continue to spread the word about our non-GMO, corn and soy free feed blends, and in 2016 Richard purchased the new location for Natural Farm Feed and started construction on a larger scale feed mill. We hope to open the new building this summer 2023.

Through the years, Natural Farm Feed has expanded the feed line to include feed for chickens, pigs, goats and sheep as well as a line of support products including non-GMO camelina and canola oils, alfalfa and timothy pellets, whole grains for fodder or scratch, kelp, and much more.  We also sell feed ingredients to mix your own feeds, including vitamin/mineral premixes, protein meals and whole grains. To see a more comprehensive list, go to our All Products page. To request a quote for a custom mix, please use the contact information below.

Caitlin Fischer (pictured below with Richard) is the sales contact for Natural Farm Feed. You can contact her with questions or place an order by emailing or calling/texting 509-720-7064 

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