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Read testimonials from our customers here.  Also check our Google rating: 5/5 and further testimonials posted there.

Our experience with Natural Farm Feed:
In 2014, we restructured our business and increased our pastured poultry production to 6,000 meat birds and 300 layers.  We were looking for a new feed source that was local to Washington, scale appropriate, and economical.  The catch is that we weren't willing to sacrifice that quality of feed or the health of our animals in the process. After a long search, we were thrilled to find you all at Natural Farm Feed.  We love your products and are happy to let our customers know it's corn, soy, and GM free! Bob has been so kind and helpful to us (he patiently fixes my billing errors with a smile in his voice) and has made sure we've had a positive experience with the product and delivery.  Thanks for providing such great feed and excellent service.  Anna M.
I have been buying grain from Natural Farm Feed since March of 2015 and I have been very happy with the quality of feed and the excellent customer service.  Even thought they are pretty much on the other side of the state from me I am able to get the feed from them at a better price than anything I can find closer. I have a small co-op group and the majority of our monthly order is almost always Premium Layer, but we also have a range of animals eating the feeds offered by Natural Farm Feed including Rabbits, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Broilers, horses, Cattle, Pigs, and Goats.
My boys even raised their market wethers a couple of years ago using Allstock and alfalfa (the wethers did so well on that they were over conditioned :) ) I would be our go to if we decide to do market wethers again.  Thanks for everything you guys do to make feeding my animals easier.  Sincerely,  Shirley G.
As a Naturopathic Physician, I am extremely particular about the feed I get for my own hens and those of my customers who want a clean healthy non-GMO feed for the health 9f their families who eat the eggs from their hens.
We want the cleanest and freshest feed we can get and of course non-GMO verified.  I have purchased feed from every other feed company that carries organic or chemical free grown feed from N. Cal to Oregon, Washington, Montana, Canada and none of it is as good or fresh as Natural Farm Feed.
When I first spoke with Bob, I grilled him on all the nutritional issues on the, how it was grown, why he slescted the ingredients he did and I was very impressed with his nutritional and Ag knowledge and his desire for quality feed that went so far that they would not buy Camelina meal because they could no guarantee the quality an freshness they wanted. So they bought an oil press and press seeds to make their own meal and to get the right amount of oil content with a cold press low heat process to preserve the nutritional benefits of the oil.  They don't scrimp on the source of nutrients added but use top quality.
Over the past several years all of mu customers rave about how good this feed is and that their eggs taste better and they get more eggs, they lay longer and the hens are much healthier.
Bob and Natural Farm Feed have always been more than fair with us. Great customer service, they go out of their way to accommodate us and prompt deliveries, well stacked pallets and always available if I need to contact them about something. 
I could not think of a way to improve their business.  Donald P. ND, MH, CF-Chicken Farmer
Natural Farm Feed came to our attention from many of our local farmers and backyard enthusiasts who raise chickens.  We here at East Farm Feed are a local, family-owned business and we love that Natural Farm Feed is too.  We are always hearing good feedback from our customers who use it, and many new people who have heard about it are stopping by to buy a bag to try out for their flock.
Besides being a locally run, family business Natural Farm Feed provides a variety of feeds for farm animals that are all sourced locally and verified as a non-gmo product. So whether you are raising hogs, goats, chickens or something else; Natural Farm Feed can provide a healthy, local option at a reasonable price!
Whenever we get new shipments of Natural Farm Feed in our store smells wonderful from the freshly milled grains as well. If you have not tried their feed, and you are reading this, what are you waiting for? Go get some and help support our local economy ad local families! Especially the ones that work as hard as the Natural Farm Feed family does!  James at East Farm Feed
I would like to thank Natural Farm Feed for there superior product that has contributed greatly to our chickens health.  One of my customers that raise hog stated that the Slaughter house she uses for the pigs said they had never seen such high quality meat and she contributed it to the feed. Bob and his team have helped me greatly in a pinch and been willing to go above the call of duty when getting me an order.  I highly recommend this mill to anyone who needs high quality feed at a discounted rate.  Blessings,  Lynn N.
Natural Farm Feed has been my supplier for GMO-free fresh grain feed for my personal farm and business for over five years.  There are two very important facts about Natural Farm Feed that makes all their customers very satisfied and always coming back.
First--- They offer the non-GMO grain mix on the market.  The grains are fresh milled or left whole---whichever way the customer wants it.All he farm animals love it and waste less feed.  This saves the farm money and time. My customers and I have also found that the quality and taste of the meat is juicy and has great natural flavor.
Second---The service provided by Natural Farm Feed is unmatched. They provide fast, accurate and convenient delivery.  The customer has the choice, in most case, for direct delivery or picking up at their local freight company.  Bob and his family care about their product and service. Their caring promotes customer service of a "by gone era".  I f an issue ever arises, Bob personally contact his customers offering a resolution.
Natural Farm Feed gets five stars from me!  Sonia M.
We absolutely love the quality of Natural Farm Feed's products. Our hogs, broiler chickens, turkeys, and laying hens are all fed Natural Farm Feeds non-GMO products.  The animals love the taste of the feed, we farmers love the high-quality nutrition, and our customers love the fact that it is corn, soy, and GMO free.  Micha I.

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